The Course

The course is over 5,000 stairs and will take you all over the grandstands of Eden Park. TheEden Park Course Map course will be fully signed, partitioned and manned by staff and volunteers to ensure you don’t get lost.

There are drinking fountains available throughout the course and there will be a drink station located at the finish line.Toilets will also be open at set locations throughout the course (near drink stations).

Your start and finish location is all housed within Gate H. This is where the hub of the activity will be and your entry point for the event day itself.

Give yourself anywhere from 30-80 minutes to complete the course. 

Please note: No access to the turf is permitted.

What to watch out for

It's a concrete jungle out there!  The Eden Park course is full of twists and turns.  Stairs will vary in height, width, gradient and the number of stairs per aisle depending on where you are climbing within the stadium.

Be careful, extra care is required with descent so please pay attention to signage, course marshals and our stomping rules.


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