In order to reach your full potential at this year's Stadium Stomp, we've enlisted the help of the stair climbing experts from Stair Climbing Australia.  These guys are passionate about their sport and know all about what the body and mind go through when climbing large amounts of stairs.  

These training programs have been written for the beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness person. They suggest you start your training specifically for your climb at least five weeks prior to the event.  

Please choose the program that is relevant to your current fitness level.

5 week Printable Training Programs:

Beginner Program

Intermediate Program

Advanced Program

If you'd like to know more about Stair Climbing Australia please go to their website.

Quick tips for stair climbing training:

  • For all stair-climbing training try using a stair case with approximately 8-12 flights of stairs.
  • Avoid running down stairs for training, instead walk to minimise impact on your knees. 
  • Try to take two steps at a time when climbing for a more efficient climb. 
  • Use railing if it is available (doubles as a great arm workout)
  • Other useful training companions include rowing and bike riding.


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