Stomp Rules

Stomp Rules

Climbing up and down the stairs can be dangerous particularly when going down. Therefore there will be a number of rules all participants will be required to follow in order to partake and ensure the safety of all.

  1. Participants must NOT race down the stairs. Hit every step going down. No skipping stairs on the way down.
  2. If you need to overtake then this needs to occur when climbing UP or going along, NEVER DOWN.
  3. Keep to the left and overtake on the right – Let faster Stompers past
  4. No wearing iPods or MP3 players during the climb – we need you to hear US and other participants coming up from behind you!
  5. No baby carriers.
  6. Appropriate closed toe, flat footwear only.

Event marshals will be on hand throughout the course to monitor these rules and ensure they are been adhered to for everyone’s safety.

Please don’t be a lane hog! Please step aside for people wanting to pass.

If you are wanting to pass it is recommended that you say in a loud clear voice “PASSING PLEASE” as you will be approaching from behind and visually the slower stomper in front wont see you coming.

Remember, sporting stadiums are not built for stair climbing. Stairs may differ in height and aisles may differ in length and gradients. Enjoy the challenge it presents and climb with care.

Stadium Stomp will take place rain or shine barring any extreme weather conditions that would put the safety of our participants at risk. In the event of inclement weather, modifications to the route may be made to ensure everyone’s safety.

By participating in Stadium Stomp you are also agreeing to the conditions of entry for each venue. You can read them here:

Adelaide Oval Conditions of Entry

The Gabba Conditions of Entry

The MCG Conditions of Entry

The SCG Conditions of Entry

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