Training for Stadium Stomp

In order to reach your full potential at Stadium Stomp, we asked celebrity Personal Trainer, Shannan Ponton to devise a stair climbing fitness plan just for our stompers. His “Get Stomp Fit” 5 week training program is designed to get you stomp ready and can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness.

We suggest you start training specifically for your climb at least five weeks prior to the event and always seek the advice from your health care professional before commencing any new fitness regime.

If you’ve signed up for Stadium Stomp, you’ll receive the program via email, 6 weeks before you Stomp. If you’re keen to get the program earlier, click the link.

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Quick tips for stair climbing training

  • For all stair-climbing training try using a stair case with approximately 8-12 flights of stairs.
  • Avoid running down stairs for training, instead walk to minimise impact on your knees.
  • Try to take two steps at a time when climbing for a more efficient climb.
  • Use railing if it is available (doubles as a great arm workout)
  • Other useful training companions include rowing and bike riding.

Looking for stairs to train on?

Nothing beats training for specificity. Swimmers train by swimming, cyclists train on bikes and stair climbers should train on stairs. Other activities can assist but nothing beats training your muscles for a specific task.

Whilst we can’t open up the stadiums for you to train on, you’re sure to find a good set of stairs near you. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of popular stair locations below. Don’t see your fave stairs? Email us with a pic and we’ll add it to the list!

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