Firstly, if you held onto your ticket from 2020 and have not requested a refund, we want to thank you. Without you we would not have made it through to 2021 as the impact of COVID-19 was devastating to not only us but to the events industry as a whole.

With Stadium Stomp scheduled once again across Australia in 2021, things are looking up. Your valid 2020 ticket can and should be used to “purchase” a free entry into your equivalent event and category in 2021.

How can I enter for free?

All current ticket holders (at the time) for our Australian events were emailed in late Feb – early March with a single use (per person) promo code which could be entered into this year’s registration form to nullify the cost of registering. You simply had to insert the code during the cart stage of registration and your transfer over from 2020 into 2021 is complete.

If you do not have this code, please check your spam filters for an email from us revealing this code to you. If you still cannot find it, please contact us at and we can advise you of your code. Please be aware that you can only enter in one code at the cart stage and it will only nullify the cost of one registration.

All registrations in 2021 need to also have unique email addresses (this is new in 2021 and may throw some of you who used one email address to register multiple people last year).

Please note that the code you’ve been given is valid until registrations close, however we do not refund at all within 7 business days of your event. So if you are requesting a refund for your 2020 ticket during this 7 business day window and beyond, it will not be granted. We currently refund on a request basis the cost of your valid 2020 registration less $10 and any processing fees and only if you have not re-registered or your promo code has not been redeemed for this year.

You’ve hung onto your ticket for this long, we’d love to see you stomping those stadium stairs with us again this year – it’s been too long and we miss you! PLUS – wave times are already filling. To avoid disappointment register now!

If you’re one of our super patient Eden Park Stompers (NZ), we are announcing something to you very soon! Stay tuned.