Stadium Stomp Eden Park has changed hands

May 2021 Announcement: 14 months after our first postponment notice on 16 March 2020, we have closed the refund window and will no longer be refunding for Stadium Stomp Eden Park.

Stadium Stomp Eden Park is changing

Special Note: All eligible Stadium Stomp Eden Park 2020 participants have been emailed (7th May, 2021) a promo code for an event transfer. Please check your email filters for this and contact LBC should you be experiencing issues with your code.

We are thankful to you and all our participants for their patience and understanding over the past year. We certainly wouldn’t have made it this far without your continued support and faith in our return to Eden Park.

Being Melbourne based, we’ve had to re-think our approach on how we can deliver Stadium Stomp during a worldwide pandemic with travel, quarantine and border restrictions remaining unpredictable.

We are excited to announce that the event charity partner, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC), has come to the rescue.  

In Australia, we run our Stadium Stomp events. In New Zealand, through a license arrangement we have with LBC, the team manage similar events called ‘Step Up Stadium’ and have confirmed a Step Up Stadium Auckland at Eden Park on:

SUNDAY 18 JULY, 2021

Key Points to Note:

  • The event is called Step Up Stadium Auckland and will be held at Eden Park on Sunday 18 July, 2021.
  • Same event experience – You’ll still be able to climb thousands of stairs, finish on the hallowed Eden Park turf, listen to great music and receive your finisher’s medal.
  • If you hold an active Stadium Stomp Eden Park registration from April 2020 you will be offered the opportunity to transfer into Step Up Stadium Auckland at no additional charge.
  • Transfer registrations from late April/ early May – Stadium Stomp Eden Park 2020 participants will be sent a personalised code when registrations open for Step Up Stadium Auckland allowing you to register free of charge on the new event website.

If you would like a refund, please refer to the FAQs on the next tab.

Our priority has always been to ensure our registered participants could return to Eden Park and complete a 5000 stair challenge.

 We trust that we’ve found a solution to ensure that this takes place in 2021 and we’ll be there to support LBC and you every step of the way.

Stay tuned for your personalised code coming soon!

How will the transfer of my registration from Stadium Stomp Eden Park to Step Up Stadium Auckland work?

Simple! We will email you a personalised single use code and a link to register for Step Up Stadium Auckland. When registering, you’ll need to enter your code when prompted to nullify the cost of your registration. You should not be charged if using your code.

We anticipate that registrations will open in late April/early May and you can expect an email from us with your personalised code at this time. Once you have registered, the transfer is complete.

What if I cannot take part on 18 July 2021?

You have two choices:

  • You can give your personalised code to someone else who can use this to register for the event. Your code is only valid for one registration in one transaction. Once your code has been used your Stadium Stomp registration will have been transferred to Step Up Stadium Auckland regardless of the name attached to it.
  • You can click here to request a refund. We will be able to refund your ticket price less $10. You will need to do this by 28 May 2021 to Step Up Stadium Auckland. After this, the refund window will have lapsed and no further refunds will be given.

NB for refunds:

Should your credit card have expired, we will need to do an EFT. This may mean your bank could charge you international transaction fees. Please understand, this is a fee imposed by your bank that we have no control over. However, not all banks charge to receive international transactions. Stadium Stomp will cover the international transaction fees for all the deposits made overseas for refund purposes. We do apologise for this in advance.

You will not receive a refund – either from Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand or King Performance Events, trading as Stadium Stomp, in the event that Step Up Stadium Auckland is unable to go ahead on Sunday 18 July.

You will not receive a refund of any portion from King Performance Events if you have transferred your registration over to Step Up Stadium Auckland. Please note their terms and conditions on their website regading this, noting that your registration fee will be $0 on their website.

Will I have to fundraise for LBC 

No. Step Up Stadium Auckland at Eden Park is a fundraising event in support of patients and families living with blood cancer and serious blood conditions. Once registered, you will receive all communication about the event from LBC, including fundraising information. However, you will not be obligated to fundraise.

Will Stadium Stomp return?

Step Up Stadium Auckland will permanently replace Stadium Stomp Eden Park for any future events.

SAVE THE DATE and get ready for an awesome stair climb at Eden Park by taking part in Step Up Stadium Auckland on Sunday 18 July!

About The Course

Course options available make this event open to all levels of fitness. There will be drink stations/ bubblers scattered throughout, music to keep you going and of course plenty of seats should you need a break.

In trying to reduce waste and do our bit for the environment we encourage all our participants to BYO water bottle which can be filled at a water station bubbler. Cups will be available but we ask you choose the environment over convenience.

Please note Stadium Stomp is a challenge not a race. This is not a timed event.

Full Course (12 yrs +)

5000 stairs (up and down total): The course will take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1.5+ hours to complete depending on your fitness level. Stomp all over the grandstands for thousands of stairs of leg-burning fun!

Junior Stomp (5-11 yrs)

2000 stairs (up and down total): For little stompers wanting to stomp with their parent(s) or guardian. We encourage health, fitness and movement in youngsters and think our junior course is just perfect for this. Junior only waves (last waves of the day) will ensure your little people aren’t over run by our older stompers.

*Each junior must be accompanied by a registered junior course adult (up to $29.95 full price for Adults).  One Adult can accompany and will be responsible for multiple juniors.

Stomp Unlimited (12 yrs +)

As many stairs as you dare: Stomp your way around the full course as many times as you dare from the first wave time until the last. This category is not for the faint hearted and numbers are strictly limited. You will be required to finish the course in full and head back to the start line to commence your subsequent laps. Earn an additional finishers medal each lap.

Full Course Map

Click here for map.

As you finish

As a final thrilling finish to your epic stomp, you’ll complete a run on the field, the hallowed turf of Eden Park.

Water stations and toilets

You are welcome to carry your own drink bottle around the course, however there will be water stations located throughout the course with two servicing the upper levels and two servicing the lower level including the finish line water station.

Please be aware that toilets will be open at each water station on course and in the main concourse/Expo area but will be locked elsewhere.

Withdrawing during the event

If you are unable to complete the course for any reason, please alert a Volunteer or staff member who will determine the safest way to exit the course and escort you back to the starting area.

Medical assistance and first aid

Qualified medical staff will be located around the ground to assist with any medical issues that may arise. If you spot someone needing medical assistance, please get the attention of the nearest volunteer who will then alert medical staff. Volunteers will all be wearing high visibility vests so will be easy to spot on course.

What to watch out for

It’s a concrete jungle out there! The stadium is full of twists and turns. Stairs will vary in height, width, gradient and the number of stairs per aisle depending on where you are climbing.

Course tips

If it’s raining take extra care.

Rest and take a seat if or when you need to. This is permitted anywhere along the course.

Make use of the handrails – They help stabilise and double as a great arm workout! If someone needs assistance, please alert a volunteer or staff member.

Consider other climbers and please allow passing if required by ducking into the seats to clear a path.

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