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Melbourne Cricket Ground – Sunday 2 June, 2024









Stair Climb the MCG at our 10th Anniversary event!

Stadium Stomp is your chance to stair climb the mighty MCG.

For 10 years we’ve been stomping the ‘G to great music and with great people. If you’re yet to experience Stadium Stomp at this magnificent cauldrin, this is your year!

The MCG is one of the largest stadiums on the planet boasting a seating capacity of 100,024. That’s a lot of seats, which means a lot of stairs.

Climb your way up, down and around the MCG grandstands in this epic stair challenge. There will be rest stops (pick a seat!), drink stations and music playing to keep you focused and pumped. Get ready Melbourne!

Course Options

There are course options for everyone regardless of your fitness – full course (7,300 steps), short course (1,900 steps) and Junior Stomp (1,900 steps). And for those who want to stomp until they drop – Stomp Unlimited is for you. For course maps please see our “The Course” tab.

Wave Times

Choose your own start time when you register but be advised, early wave times fill quickly. To view your selection of wave times click here.

We’re Unique

If you’re looking for something different for your next fitness challenge, something other than a fun run or bruising obstacle race, look no further than Stadium Stomp. We’re Australia’s only stadium stair climbing challenge and you can do it at the iconic MCG!

Choose To Make Your Steps Count

We encourage all our participants to fundraise for charity.  Start fundraising or learn more about this today! Fundraising is not mandatory but a great way to make every step count.


Note: Wave time changes have occurred for some participants:

  • 12:30 and 12:45pm Junior Course -you’re new start time is 12:15pm.
  • 12:15pm Short and Full Course – your new start time is 12pm.

Emails have also been sent to those effected.


Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your wave time.

The MCG is a cashless venue. The accept card purchases only.

Things you need:

  • Your confirmation email (with event QR code) OR
  • Your “Important Event Day Information” email which also contains your QR code.

Gates will open at 7:00am. On arrival, head to Gate 1 (light tower 6). All the event day action (registration, bib collection, warm up and marshalling, etc.) will be stationed within this area.

Transport & parking

Public Transport

The MCG has a comprehensive guide to transport options that you can view here

Car Parking – Yarra Park:

TO BE CONFIRMED – Gate 3 (off Wellington Pde South) should open from 6:00am – 4:00pm, with approximately 1000 car spaces available. This is yet to be confirmed from the Venue. Parking is available at $10 and is card payment only. In the event of very wet weather, this car park will not be available. Check our social media accounts for updates should it be wet.

Conditions of Entry

The conditions of entry for this venue may have changed. Please refer to here for the latest.

Wave times

Wave times commence from 7:45am with new waves every 15 minutes.

Your bib number will indicate to us which wave time you should be in and our MC will be on loud speaker to call up each wave time to the start area as required (approx 15 minutes before your start time). Listen out for these.

Warm-up and marshalling

A fun, quick warm up routine will be conducted for your wave before you stomp.

Your bib number will need to be visable before entering the area. You will not be permitted to enter this area until your wave time is called. The exception to this is our unlimited stompers who may enter and pass through this space without stopping after every lap completion.

Kit/bib collection

You will be assigned your bib upon event check-in after we scan your confirmation email QR code. 

Collecting a bib for a friend?

There will be no need as bibs will be allocated directly upon check-in for each individual.


Pre-purchased merchandise will be available for collection at the event.

Merchandise may be available to purchase (pending availability) on the day from our merchandise area. However, we recommend purchasing your merchandise when you register to ensure that you have a full range of sizes and styles available to you before they sell out. Purchases at the venue will be cashless (card only).

Bag Compound

We encourage you to leave your belongings at home and carry just what you need with you.

Running belts will be available to purchase at the event and are great for holding small items such as keys and phone.

Bag compound will be available down the escalators within Gate 1. This is a free service should you need it.

Shower facilities

No shower facilities are available on site.

Water stations

We are encouraging everyone to BYO water to minimise the impact on the environment and touch points at the venue. If you have a camel pack, this would be the time to use it. However, should you need, multiple drink stations will be on course offering water in pre-filled disposable cups. Powerade will be available at the finish line.

Other event information

Event Time Limit

Stadium Stomp is not a timed event.

Participants will have until 2.5 hours after the last full course wave of the day to complete the full course. After this time, announcements will be made and a member of the Stadium Stomp Operations team will direct any participants remaining on course to make their way down to the field of play to complete their finisher lap.

If there are minimal people on course and resources permit, consideration will be given by the Event Director to allow the participant(s) to continue in conjunction with either a Stadium Stomp volunteer or event staff member following them.  NB. The course may be packed-down around participants as this process occurs.

If you feel you will take longer than 2.5 hours (average time is around 1:30hrs), we recommend registering for an early wave time.

Passing others on course

Please refrain from passing slower participants on the stairs in favour of cutting across the rows instead.

If passing on the stairs we recommend this on the way UP.

Wet Weather

Stadium Stomp will go ahead rain or shine, barring any inclement weather conditions that would put the safety of the participants at risk. In the event of inclement weather, modifications to the route may be made to ensure everyone’s safety. Car parking options may also change (see Transport and Parking)

Check www.facebook.com/stadiumstomp for updates in the event of bad weather.

Accommodation Deal

Pullman Melbourne on the Park is offering a great deal over the Stadium Stomp weekend. Situated walking distance and just minutes away, this hotel is perfectly positioned to make life easy for you over the Stadium Stomp weekend. All registered participants recieve a link to this deal 24 hours after registering. Offer expires 19 May.


Stadium Stomp is not a timed event. No results will be posted.


Medals will be awarded at the finish line to all participants that complete any of our course options.


Spectators are welcome to attend. Entry is free and there will be a designated seating area available. 

Massage and Bikes

Massage will be offered post stomp in the players change rooms (exciting right!). These will be quick and focused massage on the lower legs only and will be conducted by students. The service is free and will comply with Covid Safe regulations.

Stationary bikes will be available inside Gate 1. We ask that you wipe down these bikes with the sanitiser provided after use.

Mats and rollers will also be available for your warm up and cool down needs. Please also use the sanitiser provided to wipe down your equipement after use.

Merchandise Sales

Stadium Stomp merchandise will be available for purchase at the Merchandise stand. Cashless transactions only.

Official Photos

Official event photographs will be taken by Supersport Images on the course and at the finish line. These will be available to view or purchase post-event via their website. Participants will be emailed a link to their photos once these are available. Please allow 24-48 hours for these to become available.


The Hugh Trumbe Cafe located within Gate 1 will be open for food and beverage purchases. and coffee will be available from the coffee cart also inside Gate 1

National Sports Museum

Open from 10am – 5pm on event day.

About The Course

Course options available make this event open to all levels of fitness. There will be drink stations scattered throughout, music to keep you going and of course plenty of seats should you need a break.

Please note Stadium Stomp is a challenge not a race. This is not a timed event.

Full Course (12 yrs +)

7300 stairs (up and down total): The course will take anywhere from 45 minutes up to 2+ hours to complete depending on your fitness level. Stomp all over the ‘G around the grandstands of level 1 and level 4 and parts of level 2.

Short Course (12 yrs +)

1900 stairs (up and down total): The course will take around 25 minutes to complete. This course utilises the longer, shallower stairs of the lower level (level 1), with a short, steeper section on level 2 now included. This is considerably easier than the full course.

Junior Stomp (5+ yrs)

1900 stairs (up and down total): For little stompers wanting to stomp with their parent(s) or guardian. We encourage health, fitness and movement in youngsters and think our junior course is just perfect using the shallower stairs on level 1 only. Junior only waves (last waves of the day) will ensure your little people aren’t over run by our older stompers.

*Each junior must be accompanied by a registered junior course adult and one adult can accompany up to four Juniors.

Stomp Unlimited (12 yrs +)

As many stairs as you dare: Stomp your way around the full course as many times as you dare from the first wave time until the last. This category is not for the faint hearted and numbers are strictly limited. You will be required to finish the course in full and head back to the start line to commence your subsequent laps. Earn an additional finishers medal each lap.

Course Map

Click here to view course maps.

As you finish

As a final thrilling finish to your epic stomp, you’ll complete a half lap of the boundary line before exiting down the player’s race. Please climb with care.

Water stations and toilets

Water stations will be scattered throughout the course with one station on level 1 and two stations on level 4, PLUS the finish line water station (4 in total). Please be aware that toilets will be open at each water station on course and in the main concourse/Expo area but will be locked elsewhere.

Withdrawing during the event

If you are unable to complete the course for any reason, please alert a Volunteer or staff member who will determine the safest way to exit the course and escort you back to the starting area.

Medical assistance and first aid

Qualified medical staff will be located around the ground to assist with any medical issues that may arise. If you spot someone needing medical assistance, please get the attention of the nearest volunteer who will then alert medical staff. Volunteers will all be wearing high visibility vests so will be easy to spot on course.

What to watch out for

It’s a concrete jungle out there! The stadium is full of twists and turns. Stairs will vary in height, width, gradient and the number of stairs per aisle depending on where you are climbing.

Course tips

If it’s raining take extra care.

Rest and take a seat if or when you need to. This is permitted anywhere along the course.

Make use of the handrails – They help stabilise and double as a great arm workout! If someone needs assistance, please alert a volunteer or staff member.

Introducing our themed waves

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Melbourne Cricket Ground – Sunday 2 June, 2024.

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