Frequently asked questions 


Can I take my own water bottle on the course?

Yes. In-fact we are encouraging this as we try to reduce our footprint on the environment. You can refill at any of the water stations on course.  We have a total of 4 water stations on the course (including the finish line). If you plan on taking a disposable water bottle or use our single use cups, please dispose of at a water station bin thoughtfully when no longer required.

Is bag drop free?

Yes. Bag drop is a free service. If you can manage without using bag drop, please do and leave your valuables at home. Bag drop is often busy and you can expect delays for this free service.

What should I bring?
  • A copy of your confirmation receipt
  • A copy of your signed waiver (SA and QLD only)
  • Layers – you’ll get hot quickly climbing stairs but cool down equally as quickly after you finish if the weather is chilly. Check the forecast and be prepared.
  • A water bottle (for environmental reasons) otherwise water stations will be on course with single use cups.
  • A smile! Remember you paid to do this 😉
Will I be photographed on course?

Yes. We use the professionals at Supersport images who will have photos available to view and/or purchase on their website within 48 hours of the event. All participants should be emailed a link to view their images by Supersport images when they become available (check your spam)

Can I carry my baby in a harness on the course?

Sorry no. Accidents can happen and we’d hate for you to have an accident whilst carrying your child. We suggest making arrangements with someone you know prior to the event to baby sit or look after your child in the spectator bay at the event whilst you stomp

Can I wear a weight vest on the course?

This is permitted, but please expect to have this checked and searched at point of entry and again at the start line

Can I do this without shoes on?
No. The venue terms and conditions are quite clear on this and no bare foot running is permitted. Whilst in the venue you must have shoes on.
Is there a time limit to complete my Stomp?

Stadium Stomp is not a timed event.

Participants will have until 2 hours after the last full course wave of the day (2.5 hours for Melbourne) to complete the full course. After this time, announcements will be made over the bowl mic and a member of the Stadium Stomp Operations team will direct any participants remaining on course to make their way down to the field of play to complete their finisher lap.

If there are minimal people on course and resources permit, consideration will be given by the Event Director to allow the participant(s) to continue in conjunction with either a Stadium Stomp volunteer or event staff member following them.  NB. The course may be packed-down around participants as this process occurs.

To allow yourself the most time to complete the course, we recommend registering for an early wave time.


Can I get a refund?

Withdrawing from Stadium Stomp may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances such as an injury or ill health. A change of mind or a double booking do not meet refund conditions.

Stadium Stomp will refund under health reasons on presentation of a medical certificate issued by a registered health practitioner up to 7 BUSINESS days prior to your event, minus a $10 administration fee.  Please email us via the contact link found at the base of this website if you meet the criteria for a refund.

Refund requests made after the above time frame (up to 7  business days prior to your event) will not be granted at all. 

Transfers are permitted up to the Friday prior to your event. See “Can I transfer my registration?” in these FAQs for more on this.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Yes, this can be done from your account login (link on your confirmation email or click here).  A small transfer fee of $5 will be charged to the new registrant to cover the transfer fees we are charged from the agent.

Can I transfer to the following year?

Unless the reason you can no longer attend  is due to Stadium Stomp event changes (such as a postponment, or change made by Stadium Stomp), then we do not allow transfers to future events. Please make sure you can attend on the advertised date before you book.

Can I change wave times?

Yes, You can do this yourself. Log into your Race Roster account and find the big blue button that says Edit Registration. Then click on the products tab to change your time. No charge to do this. Cut off dates may apply and you’ll only be able to move to a wave time with available spots.

If you want to actually change course lengths there is a charge. See “can I change Course categories”

Can I change course categories?

Yes, You can change between cateogories (full to short course for example).

This is known as a Sub-event and can be changed from your Race Roster dashboard (link on your confirmation email or click here). You will be charged or refunded any price difference.  A small transfer fee of $5 will also be charged to you to cover merchant fees as you’ll essentially be doing a new registration.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to venue and when you sign up. You’ll need to click on your preferred venue from our Events menu to see these options.

What do I get as part of my registration?

Please refer to the pricing guide under your preferred Stomp venue to see details. Items may change from year to year.

Can I register more than once?

If you’d like to register for multiple stomps this is only possible with the purchase of an Unlimited category ticket.

How do I know if my registration came through?

You should receive an email confirmation almost instantly. If you can’t view this, check your spam/junk/promotions folder. If it’s still not there, your email may have been typed incorrectly. Please contact us if you suspect this is the case.

Can I view or update my details?

Yes. You can view everything regarding your registration from your account login (link on your confirmation email). Cut-off dates may apply as we prepare for the big day.

Can I transfer my registration to another city/event?

The best we can do is cancel your current registration and provide a Promo Code for you to enter an alternate event in the current Stomp season to the value of your cancelled registration. If you’re replacement event costs less than your original purchase, NO refund will be offered for the difference.

When do registrations close?

Standard on-line registration will be available up until 5pm two days prior to each event. On the day entry may be available pending an event sell out. On the day registrations incur a $5 surcharge.

When do I get my bib?

Bibs will be collection only on the day and allocated to you as you check-in. Please remember to bring your confirmation email with you (and QR code).

Do I need to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes, you will need to sign a waiver (our Terms and Conditions) as part of your registration. Please ensure you understand the waiver before concluding your registration. You can view the Term and Conditions by clicking on the link in the footer of this website.

NOTE: Adelaide Oval and Gabba participants will need to sign a printed out copy of the terms and conditions which will be emailed closer to the date, or they can download from the above link. Copies will also be available at the registration desk on the day for those that have not brought a printed copy with them. This is a state legal requirement for these two events.

SCG and MCG participants will need to sign the e-waiver. This happens as you regsiter or when claiming your registration (if you’ve been registered by someone else, you’ll get an email to claim your registration).

Is there a processing fee in addition to your advertised price?

No, the price you see is the price you’ll pay for your registration.


Do I need to be really fit to do this?
No, but some fitness would help. Training on stairs will also help your muscles get used to the idea of stairs BUT depending on your venue, there may be course options to suit your fitness levels. If you’re after a taste of Stadium Stomp without the stress of conquering the whole course, do our short course (excludes GABBA).
Is Stadium Stomp a timed event / race?
Sorry! No race times! We’re not about awarding people for first, second, third…Feel free to time yourself if you want but we see Stadium Stomp as a challenge not a race and do not time our participants. So, there’s no pressure peeps! No one can look up your time!
How old do you have to be to stomp?
You’ll need to be 12 years or older to stomp in all our course options with the exception of Junior Stomp.

5-11 year olds can enter as a Junior stomper (if available at your venue) in the the Junior and must be accompanied by an Adult. One Adult can be responsible for up to 4 juniors

What is a wave time?
A wave time is a designated start time occurring once every 15 minutes. You will be able to select your wave time (subject to availability) during the registration process
What is included in my registration?

The earlier you register the more you get. Please refer to the pricing guide under your preferred Stomp venue to see details. Items may change from year to year. 

What happens if it rains?
Stadium Stomp will go ahead rain or shine, barring any inclement weather conditions that would put the safety of the participants at risk. In the event of inclement weather, modifications to the route may be made to ensure everyone’s safety. Check for Facebook updates in the event of bad weather
What if I can't finish the course?
No problem, just head to the nearest course marshal who will arrange for you to safely exit the course.


Do I have to be part of a team?
Whilst stomping with a group is great it’s not a requirement. Fellow participants and our course marshals will be there to help and encourage you along if you’re doing it alone – and plenty do
Is there a limit on team members?
No, sign up as many team-mates as you can
How do I join a team?

To join a team that’s been set up by your Team Captain simply click on ‘Join a Team’ during the registration process, search for your team and go from there.

If you missed the boat and wanted to join a team after you’ve registered, please contact us contact@stadiumstomp.com

How can I see who has joined my team?

Team Captains can view their team members by logging into their Race Roster account (link in the team captains confirmation email).

How can I pay for my team members?

Team members can pay as they join (pay their own way) or a team captain can pay up front for members. Please note you’ll need to know team members detail. For insturctions on how to sign up multiple people click here.

For details on how to set up a team, please go to our Teams and Corporates page under the about menu.

Is there a discount for large groups?

Stadium Stomp offers group discount. Please click here for more information.

What if my team's wave time is full?

The only way you can guarantee places in a wave is to register and pay for the spot.

If a wave time is sold out before all team members sign up there are options. Please read here for more.


Can I swap a team member?

The team member who can no longer go, simply needs to login to their Race Roster account (link to their account found within their comfirmation email) and click on the TRANSFER tab. The process is simple to follow from there.


Will there be medical / first aid on site?
Yes. We will have medics on site
What if I can't finish the course?
No problem, just head to the nearest course marshal who will arrange for you to safely exit the course
Are there showers post stomp?
No. Whilst there will be toilet facilities in the concourse area and at each water station on course, no showers will be available for use at the venues
Is the stair count the total amount of stairs counting up and down?

Yes. The amount listed for your event is reflective of the up aisles and the down aisles.


Where can I buy merchandise?

You can purchase merchandise the following ways:

  1. As you register (collect at the event)
  2. Via our online shop (free AU postage over $50)
  3. At the event at the merchandise store

Popular sizes do tend to sell out so we recommend purchasing as you register or prior to the event to avoid disappointment.

Do you have an online shop?

Yes. Please see the SHOP tab on this website. All items purchased through the shop will be posted. Any items purchased during registration or within Race Roster for one of our events will be for collection only at the event.

Is merchandise being posted?

No. Pre-paid merchandise acquired through the registration process or within your Race Roster account (which you’ll be signed up to when you register), will be for collection only at the event. If you prefer your item posted, we suggest using this website’s SHOP

What if I ordered the wrong size?

No problem, we can change it for you.  Contact details at the base of this website. Cut-off dates may apply in which case you’ll need to wait until the event and try your luck swapping the size at the merchandise stand with available stock. Credit card details may be required if you are changing products where there is a cost difference.

What if I want to order merchandise after I have registered?

Pending a merchandise sell out, we will have a merchandise tent at the event.

You can also purchase merchandise through your Race Roster account (login details on your event confirmation email). Cut off dates apply and all merchandise purchased in advance through Race Roster will be for collection only at the event.

If you prefer your items posted, then purchase through this website via the SHOP.


Is Stadium Stomp a charity event?

Stadium Stomp is neither a charity or non-profit event, but we do use the event to raise awareness and funds for charity and in particular our charity partners. We encourage all our stompers to make every step count for a cause.

Who is the charity partner?

Our Charity Partners for 2024 are:

  • Stadium Stomp MCG – Monash Children’s Hospital
  • Other events – TBC
How do I fundraise?

You can set up a fundraising page via our fundraising platform. We use Grassrootz and have templates set up that are Stomp branded so your donors can instantly make the connection between you, the event you are involved with and the charity you are supporting.

If you have chosen to fundraise during registration you will be emailed by Grassrootz for the purpose of setting up your fundraising page. It’s simple and easy to do in a few quick steps.

If you have decided to fundraise after you have completed your registraiton, please see our fundraising page for more details.

Can I fundraise for a charity other than the Charity Partner?

Yes. You are free to choose from the many charities listed on the Grassrootz platform. If your charity is not listed, you can contact the team at Grassrootz for support or to nominate a charity.

Do I have to fundraise?

No. Fundraising is completely optional.

I am having issues with my fundraising page?

The fundraising component of this event powered by Grassrootz. If you are experiencing any problems regarding fundraising please contact the team at Grassrootz.

How long after the event can I fundraise?

We keep fundraising open for 1 months post event.

Does my registration fee go to charity?

No, registration fees are separate.

What we do is provide a catalyst for charities to use as a reason for their supporters to fundraise. We drive awareness for these charities through various communications, provide Expo opportunities at our events and (unlike some events) charge no fees to the charities we partner with to be involved with our events.

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