Step Up and Fuel Up with YoPRO High Protein Yoghurt!

We are thrilled to announce that YoPRO, Danone’s high protein yoghurt, will be the proud sponsor of the highly anticipated 2023 Melbourne and Sydney Stadium Stomps. Get ready to fuel your day with the delicious taste of YoPRO!

YoPRO yoghurt is specially crafted to meet the needs of active individuals like you. With no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and less than 1% fat per serve, it’s the ultimate high-performance snack. Packed with a whopping 15 grams of protein per pot, it is the perfect fuel to power you through the Stadium Stomp course, leaving you energized and ready to perform!

During the event, participants and spectators alike will have the chance to taste the incredible range of YoPRO yoghurt flavours. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking a nourishing on-the-go snack, YoPRO yoghurt is the perfect choice to fuel your journey and support your active lifestyle.

Visit the YoPRO stall at the event to discover more about our range of high protein yoghurts, indulge in samples, and take a few snaps to remember your day!

YoPRO, Fuel Your Journey.