High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT in it’s abbreviated form, is the “it” thing in fitness circles at the moment and with a big presence of HIIT clubs signing up to Stadium Stomp, we’d thought we take a look at why HIIT is “IT” and why we think Stadium Stomp is resonating with this audience.

HIIT involves short bursts of intense activity followed by fixed periods of less intense activity or complete rest. It’s exactly what you get when you run up a set of stairs and then walk back down them – BINGO! There’s a pairing!
Stair climbing for exercise and HIIT gets you results fast. All that huffing and puffing works your heart and lungs and the functional movements work your muscles – so you’ll be building your cardio vascular strength and lean muscle doing stairs or a HIIT session.

Both stair climbing for exercise and HIIT increase your metabolism with the “after burn” effect. Even once your session is over, you’ll continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours! What’s not to love about that! Hang on, just let me sleep and burn some calories…because I can!

There’s nothing easy about a HIIT session and nothing easy about tackling as many stairs as you’ll be doing at Stadium Stomp.

In-fact there are a lot of similarities and stair climbing could be incorporated into any HIIT workout. It’s a legitimate HIIT exercise.

So we welcome all the HIIT fans and hope our epic stair climbing challenge meets your expectations. We’re certainly looking forward to your feedback!