Stadium Stomp MCG moved to Sunday 13 February, 2022

Despite our hope and optimism that we’d be able to bring you Stadium Stomp MCG this Spring, we recognise that ongoing restrictions and the evolving pathway out of the COVID-19 pandemic means it’s impossible for anyone to hold or attend live events in Melbourne for the foreseeable future.

So, it’s with sadness and some frustration that we must reschedule Stadium Stomp MCG yet again.

Fortunately, with the support the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), manager of the MCG, we have secured a new date for Stadium Stomp MCG:


All registrations for Sunday 24 October 2021 will be automatically moved to the new date so there’s no need for you to do anything. Participants will receive a new confirmation email with updated event details shortly.

Anyone interested in now attending and would like to purchase a ticket, this can be done through the website now.

If you purchased your ticket prior to 9th Sept 2021:

If you cannot make the new date and your ticket has been change to 13 Feb, we will be offering refunds to ticket holders in line with our COVID refund policy (ticket price less $10) up until the end of 2021.

If you did not re-register we can not refund your ticket as your event date has now passed.

If you purchased your ticket AFTER to 9th Sept 2021:

Your purchase is specifically for 13 February and as such we do not refund unless you purchased additional refund protection with your ticket (Active Refund). You will need to seek a refund through Active Refund if this is you. Please refer to our FAQs for the link or your Active Refund you would have been send directly after registering.

How to claim a refund:

Should you have purchased your ticket on or after 9th Sept 2021 for a 13 Feb 2022 event date and can no longer attend Sunday 13th Feb, we cannot refund you without your purchase of Active Refund. If you did not purchase this with your ticket, we are unable to refund you.

If you purchased your ticket PRIOR to 9th Sept 2021, please email us at contact@stadiumstomp.com by 31 December 2021 to obtain your refund. Our COVID Refund Policy (ticket price less $10) expires on 31 December 2021, after which time we will revert back to our standard terms and conditions. Please do not book something else if you are already booked in to our event and ask to seek a refund in 2022. We will be unable to refund you.


We remain positive that better times are ahead, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you, in person, for a Summer Stomp on Sunday 13 February at the mighty MCG.

The Stadium Stomp Team