Every so often a story like the one to follow comes along that simply amazes us here at Stadium Stomp. We are reminded time and time again of the impact Stadium Stomp has on people and the journey it can take them on.

Not long ago we were contacted by a father who has undertaken multiple Stomps. He’s inspired his company and work colleagues to take part at Stomp events across Australia. He followed us around the country (legend) and used Stadium Stomp as training for other tough fitness challenges he has pursued.

There was also another amazing and inspiring Stomp journey that took place alongside him. It involved his talented musician daughter, Konnie – the result is something beautiful, truly unique and the best part…you can download it and keep it for yourself as your own motivational tool.

From Stavros:

“My daughter, Konnie & I have been taking part in Stadium Stomp for the past 3 years! The incredible event was brought to our attention back in 2017 when I (Stavros) decided to take on a Challenge to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Victoria. As part of our training for the ultimate Challenge (Walking 135km on the Great Wall of China for 10 days), we committed to taking on the MCG Stadium Stomp!

We fell in love with the Event & its message and have stuck to taking part in Stadium Stomp every year since. In 2017 we participated in the MCG event, 2018 we participated in the MCG, SCG & Adelaide events (our legs did not love that haha) & in 2019 we took part in the MCG event.

We consider ourselves true Ambassadors of Stadium Stomp, taking it further than just our MND Victoria fundraiser but also into our work life. Many fellow workmates have joined us on various Stadium Stomps around Australia & it has been an absolute thrill to see a sense of community rally behind such a great event & message.”

Stavros’ shining light is his talented singer/songwriter daughter who has joined him on his stomp journey. Along the way she too was inspired…

From Konnie:

“A huge part of the event that gets me through the course is the music. Being a musician myself, it really motivates me to keep going, to keep pushing.

In 2019 I wrote & produced a song for my dad. He decided in late 2018 that he was going to take part in the 2019 New York Marathon and raise funds for MND Victoria! Of course I knew that meant completing another Stadium Stomp (and I never let him do it alone). I wrote a song titled ‘One Step’. He used this song as his motivation & daily alarm clock!

The lyrics are so special to me as I wrote this song right after the MCG 2019 Stadium Stomp in June. I wanted to capture that feeling of – keep pushing, don’t give up, just take one more step, and another step and another step!! And thus ‘One Step’ was born.”

How amazing is that! We look forward to seeing Konnie’s journey – what a talent!

You can take a listen to the Single here:



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Konnie and Stavros Stomping