Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement for Australia as at 13 March 2020.

Like everyone else we have been closely monitoring the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the impact it is going to have on events.

As you can appreciate the current situation is changing incredibly fast.

We’ve just heard the news that all non-essential gatherings of 500+ people are advised against as of Monday 16 March. What this means, how long it will go on for and for us how this will impact the 2020 Stadium Stomp season….we honestly don’t know just yet.

So we ask for the moment that you sit tight and we’ll endeavour to keep you updated about what sort of impact this has over the coming days and weeks, keeping in mind our first Australian event is still almost 3 months away.

We understand, like many families and small businesses, that we are far from alone in dealing with the current challenges presented by the virus.

For some this will be the ‘ultimate challenge’. Rest assured, that we’ll be doing everything possible to stay positive and to bring you Stadium Stomp in 2020.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we work though this unprecedented landscape. Stay well.