We commend you for taking on Stadium Stomp Unlimited as your personal challenge. To help your day go well, please read the below and prepare accordingly.

Event day specifics for Stomp Unlimited

  • At the completion of each lap, you will need to exit the course like everyone else and make your way back up to the start line to commence subsequent laps (it will also allow you to compose yourself and mentally prepare for another round, grab some refreshments and a piece of fruit if you need it).
  • Your bib will be clearly marked “UNLIMITED” which will allow you access through the marshalling area and back to the start line without stopping.
  • You will be free to collect a medallion on completion of each lap or you may choose to just collect one at the end of your stomp. The decision is yours to make.

Note: The start line will be closed off at approximately (give or take 15 min):

  • MCG – 11:15am
  • Adelaide Oval: TBA
  • The GABBA: TBA
  • SCG/Allianz Stadium: TBA

No additional laps will be granted after this time.

If you start another lap during our junior wave time (shown above) you may be restricted to just the Junior Course and unable to complete a full course. This is due to the course being reconfigured for our Junior Stompers (lower level stairs only). In Sydney’s case this will be an adjustment back to the SCG only (Allianz will be closed off).


If you need to drop off supplies (gels etc), we can store these for you at the start line. Simply hand these in when you are at the start line ready to be released. Please have labelled bags at the ready so your supplies do not get mixed in with other Unlimited entry supplies. This is a separate service to Bag Compound and is only for your refuelling needs. Anything left there when the event is closed will be disposed of.

Best of luck to you and please, listen to your body and know when it’s the right time for you to stop to complete your laps safely.

Special note to GABBA stompers: Remember, it’s two laps of the upper level and one lap of the lower level for a 5000 stair count.