Doing Stadium Stomp as a team is great fun. Achieving a common goal together can feel amazing. But, organising a team, especially a big one can be a bit like herding cats.

At an event like ours we have limited spots available in each wave time so it’s always best to rally the troops early and get them committed ahead of the pack.Ā 

How to avoid team members missing out on your wave time:

When organising a team, registering and paying for all your teammates up-front in the one transaction is the only way you’ll lock in spots into a designated wave. So as an idea, you could take payments from your team members and then use your accumulated funds to register and pay for all your spots at once. For more instructions on how to do this click here

Team members late in signing up may miss out on stomping in the same wave time as you. As much as we’d love to accommodate everyone, it’s simply not possible. However, there are options if you do find that your team still has members wanting to join but have missed their chance to be in the same wave as you.

Options for you if team members miss your wave:
  1. Move your whole team into an available wave time that can accommodate you all. Usually, this will mean a later wave time. We recommend checking with us first (email contact@stadiumstomp.com) to find a wave time that will suit your numbers. If you’re satisfied that you have found a new wave time, you have the ability to change your wave time from within your Race Roster Account. See our FAQ’s under REGISTRATION “Can I change my wave time?” for more, or;
  2. Advise the remaining team members to register for the next available wave time and by default create a second team in another wave; or
  3. Try and avoid the issue by choosing later waves times that do not fall on the hour or half hour as these are generally the first wave times to fill.

It’s wonderful to see so many teams taking part in Stadium Stomp. We trust you’ll have an amazing time. Hopefully, the above information will make organising your team a little easier.

See you on the stairs

The Stadium Stomp Team šŸ™‚

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