Australia, our day to day routine is about to change. As we head into unchartered waters where gyms, restaurants, and basically any place that has gatherings is forced to close during the Coronavirus turmoil, we’ll all be looking for alternatives we can do from home.


Let’s face it, we’re all dining at home….for now. Many restaurants are selling their excess produce and making take away meals at very reasonable prices. Head to your local community group on Facebook and ask the question – someone in there will know who’s selling what in your local area. You’ll also be supporting small local businesses during this tough time.

If you need some inspo in the kitchen utilising pantry staples, check out these two sites for ideas


No gym? No worries. There are literally hundreds of at home exercise apps available.

At the time of writing lots of Apps are offering free trials and some are up to 90 days. Many Apps have classes you can do with no or very little equipment. Try:

  • Les Mills On Demand – If you go to the gym, you’ll know or have done a Les Mills class. These are now available through their App. Free 30 day trial at the time of writing.
  • Bodybuilding.com/ Bodyfit – I’m personally been on this one as a paid subscriber because I love Hanna Eden’s workouts. She swears a bit but that’s just part of her kiss-arse approach. There’s so many different trainers you can choose to work with within the Bodyfit App. 
  • Down Dog – get Yoga fit at home and increase your strength and flexibility while you’re at it.
  • Peloton – This is a slick fitness app that despite the name has bike-free options. The home-fitness app enables group participation in classes including yoga, strength training, meditation and cardio workout. 
  • Centr – Seen this? If you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth then you probably know that this is his Fitness App – also with nutrition and mindfulness options. The trainers on here a top-notch. Sign up now for 6 weeks free!
  • Tone It Up – Plenty of efficient workouts (many of which are booty and leg-focused) with just a yoga mat. You’ll be able to do even more with a set of dumbbells and resistance band. 
  • Sweat – Quite a popular one with the ladies with some prominent female trainers to choose from. 

There’s also a swag of fitness “influencers” that regularly post quick at home workouts daily on their instagram accounts. Check out the likes of @kayla_itsines, @amandabisk, @tiffhall_xo, @sallybrouwerfitness, @rachael_finch, @jshealth, @fithealthyworkouts to name a few.

Stair Workouts:

You’re lucky of you’ve got stairs at home. Simply search #stairworkout on Instagram and whamo! There’s heaps of inspiration right there at your fingertips :). We continue to spruke the benefits of stair climbing as a form of exercise.

So it’s not all bad, we can still keep fit and eat well even if we are spending more time at home (whether that be due to lock-downs or choice)