Changing Sedentary Behaviour One Step At A Time

At Stadium Stomp we love stairs. We know they have a stack of benefits that can help people feel better, move better and look better. It’s why we’ve developed a series of posters you can display in your workplace to get people thinking and moving.

Help the fight against sedentary behaviour and reintroduce exercise back into daily activity using the urban stomping ground (the stairs) so many of us have within the buildings we work.

Take the Stairs Posters

Take the stairs posters

Download a poster, place it somewhere strategic within your workplace building and let the posters do the rest. Watch the video about this here.

Show us that you’re getting into the spirit of stair climbing by placing a photo or video of you and/or your workmates taking to the stairs, on Facebook or instagram using #takethestairs and @stadiumstomp.

Of course when you’re done with the office stairs you can join us and take on the ultimate stair climb at a Stadium Stomp event near you. If you’d like to learn more about Stadium Stomp click here.

Other amazing tidbits and stair climbing facts:

  • Visual presence of stair climbing signs alone increases stair use by up to 20%.
  • There has been a 30% decline in physical activity over the past two generations and this is largely due to desk bound office jobs the majority of us work in.
  • You can burn 6 times more calories if you choose the stairs instead of the lift
  • You can save up to 15 minutes per day just by ditching the lift and taking the stairs? You can save hours a month!
  • For buildings with 5 floors or less it’s nearly always quicker to take the stairs
  • Ditching the lift cuts carbon emissions. You’ll also be burning calories not electricity so stair climbing is better for the planet!
  • Taking the stairs is an excellent contributor to reaching your “30 minute a day” exercise quota.
  • 6 minutes of stair climbing a day over 8 weeks can improve your endurance capacity by 10-15%
  • Benefits are highest for those who are inactive and sedentary!