Are you overlooking one of the simplest yet most effective workouts there is? Let’s talk about stair climbing.

The beauty of stair climbing lies in its ability to quickly spike your heart rate, so you get to fat burning mode sooner than other forms of exercise. In just 15 minutes of running stairs, an average 80kg person can burn a whopping 280 calories. 

It’s hard to find a workout that offers rapid and cost-effective fitness gains like stair climbing. There’s no need for special equipment or coordination skills, and it combines cardio, strength training, and calorie burning all in one activity, stair climbing is a workout that has it all!

How much time do you need to invest to see results?

Surprisingly, even short bursts of stair climbing can yield significant benefits. One study demonstrated that sprinting up stairs for just 20 seconds, three times a day, over a six-week period, increased aerobic fitness by 5 percent! Another research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that walking up 200 steps twice a day, five days a week, for eight weeks, can boost aerobic fitness by up to 17 percent.

Typically, a stair climbing session lasts no more than 20 minutes, making it an ideal workout for busy individuals. Imagine spending just 20 minutes climbing stairs during your lunch break, leaving ample time to freshen up and grab a bite. You’ll return to work more focused, and here’s an added bonus: climbing one additional flight of stairs daily for a year can reduce your brain age by 0.58 years! It literally makes your brain younger.

However, don’t expect immediate results from a single session. Consistency is key, and you’ll need to put in the effort to achieve your desired outcomes. While the initial muscle soreness might make the workout feel challenging, gradually build your endurance and increase the number of flights you climb as you progress on your fitness journey. You might even find yourself aiming for higher goals, such as conquering an event like ours.

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