We’ve enlisted the help of the wonderful Sally Brouwer, former Australian PT of the year and mother to triplets, to come up with a series of videos that will help you get the most out of your Stadium Stomp experience.

In this series we will explore workouts you can do at home, exercises you can do to mix up your training ON the stairs and nutritional advice to get the most out of your training. So choose your clip or watch all three and be inspired to take your training to the next level.

At home workout:

Get ready for Stadium Stomp at home with this handy little workout. You don’t need lots of space and you don’t need equipment.

On the stairs workout:

Get more out of a set of stairs with these additional activities that you can incorporate into your stair workout.

A little bit on nutrition:

Get the most out of your Stadium Stomp training by giving your body the correct nutrition. Sally has four basic guidelines for you to remember…

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