Get your Stomp crew together

Teams, Gyms and Corporates

From large gym groups and corporate teams to smaller teams of friends, we welcome you all to Stadium Stomp.

Setting up a team is easy. You can create a team when you register and in doing so will be designated team captain.

What’s the discount?

Groups of 6 or more are discounted if bookings are made in a single transaction:

  • 10% off for 6-9 people
  • 15% off for 10+ people

Discounts are not available retrospectively or in conjunction with any other offer such as our pre-sale offer.

How do I get the discount?

Simply add at least an additional five registrations to yours when registering. The system will display a button asking if you’d like to add an additional registration which you would do if signing up multiple people in the one transaction.

Need an invoice instead?

Companies who require invoicing can email contact@stadiumstomp.com with the venue, course options and number of tickets required. Once the invoice has been paid you’ll be sent promo codes allowing for the number of paid individuals to register online at $0.

Please also nominate a Team Captain and have them sign up first to create the team for others to join. The team captain will be able to see who has registered in the team via their Race Roster dashboard.

How to avoid your team members missing out on the wave you signed up for CLICK HERE 

Referral Program

Do you have a LARGE network? Maybe you’re a gym owner or a company with many employees? You may prefer to use our referral program and have the opportunity to earn a small commission from every ticket sale you are responsible for. Learn more here.

Emergency Services Teams

If you’re employed in the Emergency Services, you’ll be pleased to know you have wave times highlighted for you to join at each of our Australian events so that you can all be together and really build that team spirit and camaraderie between the services. Click here for more details.

Posters and flyers

We’re here to help you promote Stadium Stomp!  Click on your location to download an official poster now:

Join us in the fight against sedentary behaviour in the workplace

Stadium Stomp is a fantastic event to work toward within workplaces around the country. The high-rise buildings many of us work in are the perfect playground to train in (think of all those stairs between floors).

In-fact these high-rise buildings can be used as a weapon to fight against sedentary behaviour in the workplace. Interested? Click here for more.

Ready to get stomping?

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