fit 1. The ultimate calorie burner

Research currently has stair climbing in the No. #1 spot for calories burned beating running, swimming, cycling and walking*. In fact stair climbing burns 23% more calories than running, 250% more than swimming, 63% more than cycling and 400% more than walking at 3.22 km/h. We love these stats!!

2. Metabolic booster

Stair climbing for exercise will raise your metabolism during and even after your workout. Research suggests that even short bursts of high intensity exercise is beneficial…a good reason to take the stairs and not the lift.

3. Activates your leg muscles

Stair climbing activates your core muscles in your legs, such as your hamstrings, quads, calves and gluts. As a result, your legs will become stronger and enhances your movement. In fact, stair climbing targets the same muscles as squats and lunges – so if you’re not a fan of those, hit the stairs!

4. Improves your performance

Stair climbing improves your endurance of doing strenuous activities by working your heart and lungs. It boosts your VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen you use during intense exercise. Climbing stairs will help you increase the duration and intensity of future work outs, which is why stairs are used by top athletes!

5. Turns your booty into bootylicious

Stair climbing is great for toning and sculpting your lower body. In addition to your legs, it also targets all of those trouble spots; your bum, tums, thighs and hips. By climbing the stairs you’ll get a peach perfect booty – which will make Kim Kardashian jealous.

6. Transforms your heart

A Canadian study has found that one instance of stair climbing (cardiovascular exercise) can transform your heart, and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. But the benefits only last 4-5 days so aim to do some form of cardio/stair climbing twice a week.

7. Helps you live longer

Stair climbing has lots of health benefits that will improve your life and prevent diseases. Some ways it helps is through the reduction of stress, strokes and heart disease.

Are you surprised?

Now, it’s time to lace your shoes and start hitting the stairs! Once you’ve started seeing and feeling the benefits of stair climbing, you won’t stop. If you don’t know where to start you might like to try our FREE 28 day stair training program.

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Stair climbing is a vigorous activity. Please consult with your health care professional prior to taking on any new form of exercise.

*According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

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