Becky Howick was only five when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – the most common childhood cancer in Australia.

She fought a hard battle with the disease … but she won. This year Becky will celebrate her fifth year in remission and part of her celebration will be taking part in Adelaide’s Stadium Stomp on Sunday, June 16.

Becky will be joined by mum Tamara and sister Alanna, 17. Team Becky isn’t aiming to beat records or even conquer the full course of 6000 steps … every step Becky takes will be a step to celebrate her remission, and Team Becky will be making every step count.

“Becky experienced a brain injury that has affected her coordination and stamina during her time on cancer treatment,” mum Tamara explains.

“Stadium Stomp is a real effort for her, but she is hoping to get to at least 250 steps,” Tamara said.

“We have been practicing steps at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and we are getting up the first 100 easily.”

“She is training hard,” she said.

Tamara said although in remission, Becky’s complications were ongoing with recovery both physically and mentally.

“Becky started that recovery unable to move from her bed except some neck and slight hand movements,” Tamara said.

“Then, she progressed from a wheel chair, splints and a walker.”

Becky now has foot orthotics and a slight limp with fatigue, but can now manage a game of school basketball.

“Becky is very determined, and I am sure will surprise us all with how many steps she can stomp!”

The Leukaemia Foundation is Stadium Stomp’s official charity partner for 2019. To find out how you can support the Leukaemia Foundation or choose to fundraise as part of your Stadium Stomp experience, click here.